How much does a wooden building cost?


It is generally accepted that timber buildings are better than solid buildings from an ecological point of view. The big question is: How do the two construction methods perform economically? The consulting firm Wüest Partner AG has evaluated eight major new timber construction projects of recent years. The conclusion: timber construction, the ecological leader, can also hold its own economically.

How much does a wooden building cost?

Regardless of whether private individuals are building single-family homes or or institutional investors act as property developers in large-scale projects the costs of construction projects are central. For a long time, there was a rumor that wooden buildings are generally more expensive than solid structures. The study Timber construction key figures for investors of the consulting firm Wüst Partner AG and the recently published Lignum Magazin What does a timber building costdispels this misconception. The sample and the focus of the study are still too small to small to clarify all the details, but one basic statement can already be be made: Wooden buildings and comparable solid buildings are equally expensive. The study also shows important advantages of timber construction.

If you want cost certainty build with wood
The spread of the cost ratios for timber buildings is The scatter of the cost data for timber buildings is much smaller than that of the reference data sets. This is partly due to the timber buildings themselves, but is also generally due to the high but is also generally due to the high level of detail in timber construction planning, which greatly improves cost and schedule reliability. The timber construction method not only achieves very good quality thanks to a high degree of prefabrication, but can also be but can also be optimally integrated into a BIM planning process.

Anyone who wants to build build fast, build with wood
Thanks to its high degree of prefabrication, the timber construction not only achieve very good quality, but can also be optimally integrated into a BIM planning process. can also be optimally integrated into a BIM planning process. The faster construction method can significantly. In the case of the major Sue&Til project in Winterthur, the the construction time was six months less than for a comparable solid construction.

Apartment house Sue & Til

Those who build in good locations build with wood
The added value is higher, especially in good locations, because the higher land value means that more capital is tied up in financing the land, so that a shorter construction period leads to a greater reduction in financing costs. In relative terms, however, the added value is more significant in average locations, since the share of financing costs is higher in relation to the land value. In the course of the investment calculation, an increase in the market value or land value by more than 2% can be achieved with a timber construction due to the shortening of the construction period.


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