Timber is cozy

Building Physics
Building Physics

Well planned timber buildings are comforting and cozy. With our profound knowledge in energy efficiency, summerly heat protection, material- and climate friendly way of building and sound insulation we can face all challenges in timber building. Whoever wants to build sustainable buildings needs smart structural physics solutions.

We would be happy to support you with your construction project. Please contact our specialists.

Simon Hess

BSc Wood Construction
CAS Building Physics/Acoustics

Head of building physics
Building physics specialist
Geak expert & impulse consultant renewable heating

Thierry Balsiger

Technician HF Wood Technology
Expert GEAK & Minergie

Site Manager
Building physicist

Our working method

Our building physics experts are happy to accompany you as specialists from the preliminary project to the construction. Thus, we offer the complete package in the planning of timber construction projects and are thus the ideal partner for your building project. Our range of services is structured according to the SIA phases and is adapted to your individual needs:

Phase 31 Preliminary project - basic building physics concept
In the preliminary project phase, we draw up an agreement on use and a basic building physics concept, taking into account the aspects relevant to the project and including the areas of statics, construction and fire protection. We clarify the building physics requirements with the client and the architects involved. Possible standards regarding sound and noise protection as well as thermal insulation are pointed out and the effects on construction, costs and environment are analyzed with the planning team.

Phase 32 Building project - building physics concept and component catalog
In the building project, our building physicists develop construction and material concepts in close cooperation with the architecture and timber construction engineers. We attach particular importance to well thought-out solutions in terms of building physics and document these in the building physics concept and a component catalog. Quality assurance throughout all phases is a matter of concern to us. After all, indoor comfort depends on good thermal insulation in summer so that rooms do not overheat; it also depends on ideal sound insulation and good indoor air quality. The course for these success criteria is set in the construction project. When it comes to material concepts, we are happy to advise you on the topics of ecology, regenerative construction, reuse and deconstructability of building components, and other points such as gray energy or buildings as CO₂ sinks. The building project is developed in close cooperation with experts from the fields of fire protection, structural engineering and construction.

Building physicist during the planning of a timber construction

Phase 33 Approval procedure and 41 Invitation to tender - applications for subsidies.
For the building application, we prepare the technical, necessary documents such as the noise expert opinion, the sound insulation certificate, the energy certificate or the certificate for summer thermal insulation. Effects on the timber construction planning can easily be taken into account thanks to regular internal and external meetings. We will gladly prepare the applications for subsidies or certificates such as Minergie or GEAK for you.

Phase 51 Implementation project - construction control plans
In the execution project, our technicians create the work planning and draw workshop plans three-dimensionally. They use the cadwork software for this. To check the building physics requirements, construction control plans are drawn and, where necessary, WUFI simulations or hygrothermal simulations are prepared. All our technicians have years of design and construction site experience. Therefore, our details are technically solved to a high standard and are suitable for practical use. If the workshop plans are prepared by third parties, we check them for compliance with the building physics requirements and the engineering plans.

Phase 52 Execution and 53 Commissioning - Construction inspections and measurements
During the execution phase, we monitor construction and check that building materials are used and processed in accordance with regulations. We advise architects and construction managers and participate in construction meetings where necessary. By means of airborne sound measurements, impact sound measurements or building acoustics measurements, we check whether the building physics specifications have been successfully implemented. We advise clients not only on the normative requirements for sound insulation, but also on the non-regulated low-frequency range, which is crucial for user perception. For example, we take measurements with the Japanese ball. Within the scope of construction inspections, we check the professional execution. For the completion of the project, we obtain the necessary documents such as updated plans, schematic plans, instructions for use and maintenance, and compile the construction files. Furthermore, we update the plans of the executed structure and adjust the user agreement.

Our services as timber engineers in the field of building physics:

  • Consulting regarding building envelope, thermal insulation, energy standards
  • Energy certificates (SIA 380/1), Minergie certificates (-P, -A, -ECO)
  • GEAK and GEAK plus certification
  • Application for subsidies, building program
  • Thermal simulations for summer heat protection, house without heating
  • Noise proofs, noise expertises, noise simulations with CadnaA (noise protection ordinance LSV)
  • Building acoustics concepts, sound insulation certificates (Form S)
  • Building acoustics measurements, room acoustics measurements with NTI Audio measurement equipment
  • Consulting room acoustics, reverberation time calculations
  • Isothermal calculations with Flixo
  • Hygrothermal simulation with WUFI
  • Buildings as CO₂ sinks, bio-based building materials, net zero
  • Reuse of building materials, regenerative construction
  • Damage expertise


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