Coordination construction planning

Construction Management
Construction Management

Planning timber construction projects is our supreme discipline. Planning such building projects is a collaborative process - various specialist planners provide important input. With our experience, we coordinate the various planning teams so that the client and the architecture can concentrate fully on the design and aesthetic issues.

We would be happy to support you with your construction project. Please contact our specialists.

Thierry Balsiger

Technician HF Wood Technology
Expert GEAK & Minergie

Site Manager
Building physicist

Our construction managers will be happy to accompany you from the preliminary project to the construction. In doing so, we offer the full range in the planning of timber construction projects and coordinate the various planning teams for you. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials - the design of the building project. Our range of services is structured according to the SIA phases and is tailored to your needs.

21 Preliminary studies - cost framework
In the preliminary study, we are happy to support you in defining the project specifications and work with you to define the cost framework of the project. We are familiar with the applicable building laws and standards related to timber construction. We help you to develop the best possible construction project within the framework of the standards and building laws.

31 Pre-project - Coordination of specialist planners
In the pre-project phase, many decisions are made that have a significant impact on the cost and quality of the construction project. The basis for the decisions is provided by various specialist planners from the fields of structural engineering, fire protection, building physics, building services engineering, landscape and environment and other important specialist areas. We coordinate the various specialist planners for you. We offer various specialist areas in-house.

32 Construction project - adherence to schedules and coordination of the trades
In the construction project, the specialist planners work out their construction and material concepts. These concepts of the individual trades are mutually related and influence each other. We coordinate the concepts with each other and thus enable a coherent overall concept. With a schedule for the tendering procedure and for the construction project, we ensure adherence to deadlines for the entire construction project.

33 Approval procedure
For the building application, the various specialist planners prepare their specific, necessary documents. From this, we compile an overall dossier for the building permit. Together with the client and the architects, we define the tendering procedure and the companies to be considered for the tender.

41 Invitation to tender, comparison of offers, application for award of contract
In this central phase, we determine the companies that will implement the construction project. We draw up the invitations to tender for all trades and compare the bids of the bidding companies. We draw up contracts for work and services and keep the architects and the client free of administrative work.

51 Execution project - construction and schedule program
As construction manager, we control the quality and deadlines of the executed work on site. We enforce the schedule and adjust it continuously if necessary. With consistent cost control and meticulous construction accounting, your construction project will be completed on time and within budget.

52 Execution and 53 Commissioning, Completion - Construction Management
During the execution phase, we provide on-site construction management. Our site managers are experienced carpenters and timber construction technicians with various advanced training courses. They ideally combine practice and theory and have an overall view of a timber construction project. This makes us the ideal link between the client, the architecture and the craftsmen on the construction site.


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