First power-to-gas plant


Limeco's new power-to-gas plant is making a positive contribution to climate change. It will produce renewable gas from waste and wastewater and feed this into the grid from winter 2021/22. The new building in Dietikon is also exemplary in terms of construction: from the parking ceiling upwards, the plant building is purely a wooden structure.

First power-to-gas plant

The hybrid power plant is a first in Switzerland. Switzerland: The power-to-gas plant produces renewable gas from waste and wastewater. gas. This is an important contribution to climate protection. In the choice of the choice of building materials, those responsible are also relying on the ecological timber construction. The video shows how the building was erected in just a few weeks. weeks.

The wooden construction of Limeco impresses with its simplicity and its performance. The walls are made of visible cross laminated timber panels - made from "beetle wood". The up to 12 tons are supported by a ceiling made of horizontal glulam. glulam. The high loads cause settlements, which are compensated for with with a pressure distribution plate made of beech. An outer shell of horizontal wood formwork completes the simple but refined building.

Limeco is proud to be the first industrially industrially operated power-to-gas plant, thus making a significant contribution to the contribution to the energy transition in Switzerland. The plant, which was built in cooperation with eight Swiss utilities and Swisspower, the plant will go into operation in winter will go into operation in the winter of 2021/22. It will use the resources of the existing Waste incineration and wastewater treatment plant to produce storable, CO₂-neutral energy in the form of gas.

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