Wood is strong

Timber Engineering
Timber Engineering

The structural engineering and construction of timber projects are the supreme disciplines of Timber engineers. We construct and optimize the frame of apartment buildings, halls and bridges in highest perfection. Nowadays timber constructions can do everything that concrete buildings can. So, bring a timber engineer into your planning team as early as possible.

We are happy to support you with your construction project. Contact our experienced engineers.

Armin Schawalder

BSc Wood Construction
MAS Fire Safety Engineering

Deputy Head of Berne Office
Specialist for fire protection in timber construction (Lignum)

Silvan Stierli

BSc Wood Construction

Deputy Head of Zurich Office
Project Manager
EDP/BIM specialist

Our way of working

Our engineers will be pleased to accompany you as specialist planners from the preliminary project to the construction. We offer the full range of services in the planning of timber construction projects and are thus the ideal partner for your building project. Our range of services is structured according to the SIA phases and is adapted to your individual needs:

Phase 31 Preliminary project - utilization agreement and static pre-dimensioning.

In the pre-project phase, we develop a utilization agreement with all details that have an impact on the areas of statics and construction, fire protection and building physics. Possible solutions are presented and pre-dimensioned and the effects on costs, deadlines, safety and the environment are shown.

Phase 32 Building project - construction and material concepts

In the construction project, our timber engineers develop construction and material concepts. For this purpose, we calculate and dimension the components on a rough estimate basis and determine the relevant dimensions. We assess and evaluate possible variants and advise you on all topics related to timber engineering. As part of the construction project, we usually prepare the structural design with the position plan and a load transfer plan and provide all necessary verifications for structural safety, serviceability and durability.

The structural model is central to engineered timber construction

With RSTAB, our engineers easily and quickly define the structural model and then calculate the internal forces, deformations and bearing reactions. The framework software RSTAB is suitable for the calculation of 2D or 3D timber frameworks. RFEM enables fast and easy modeling, static and dynamic calculations.

Phase 33 Approval procedure and 41 Invitation to tender, comparison of offers, application for award of contract

For the building application we prepare the technical, necessary documents. We compile the tender documents and assessment reports and compare offers with regard to quality and quantity, unit prices, economic efficiency, types of execution, work organization, construction site equipment and deadlines. For the completion of this phase we prepare a report with the comparison of the bids and an award application for the specialist areas of structural analysis and construction, fire protection and building physics.

Phase 51 Execution project - work planning

In the execution project, our technicians prepare the works planning and draw workshop plans in three dimensions. They use the cadwork software for this. All our technicians have years of planning and construction site experience. Our details are therefore technically highly solved and practical. If the workshop plans are prepared by third parties, we check them for conformity with the engineering plans.

Phase 52 Execution and 53 Commissioning, Completion -Construction Controls

During the execution phase, we monitor the construction work and check that building materials are used and processed in accordance with regulations. We advise architects and construction managers and take part in construction meetings where necessary. For the completion of the project, we obtain the necessary documents, such as updated plans, schematic plans, instructions for use and maintenance, and compile the construction files. Furthermore, we update the plans of the executed structure and adjust the user agreement.

Our services as timber engineers in the field of structural analysis and design:

  • Structural design, timber engineering
  • Structural timber engineering
  • Facade planning
  • Earthquake proofs
  • Cost calculation, devising
  • Works planning 3D/2D
  • Quality assurance


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