Second wildlife overpass with wooden cover


After the Rynetel wildlife overpass, the Federal Roads Office FEDRO is already building the second wildlife overpass with a wooden roof near Neuenkirch. Timbatec planned this structure as a sub-planner of the engineering consortium IG 2B with B + S AG and Bänziger Partner AG.

Second wildlife overpass with wooden cover

At Neuenkirch, a wildlife overpass is being built over the A2. The work for Switzerland's second wildlife overpass with a wooden superstructure has been underway since summer 2020. In the meantime, the central support and the concrete abutment walls have been built. concrete abutment walls have been built. The first carriageway is already completely covered.

Construction work WTK Lucerne

In the The next step will be to install the wooden beams to cover the second carriageway. installed. For the installation of the timber beams traffic routing will have to be changed at night. From the end of March 2021 until presumably mid-May 2021, traffic will be routed in one lane traffic will be directed in one lane at night.

The work is dependent on weather conditions. In the first phase the wooden girders, the construction of the slab and the laying of the sealing laying the waterproofing over the carriageway in the direction of the Gotthard. Traffic will be traffic will be restricted to one lane in the direction of Basel for around 15 nights. direction of Basel in two-way traffic. The same work will then be the same work will be carried out in the direction of Basel. During the day, two lanes lanes are available in each direction.

Production carrier WTK Lucerne

The wildlife overpass will have a width of 50 meters and a length of about 36 meters. The clear height is 4.80 meters. The structure is well integrated into the landscape and will be partly made of wood. The wood used comes from Switzerland. The wooden superstructure also makes sense from an ecological point of view. After all, wood stores large amounts of CO₂ thanks to photosynthesis. To ensure that the and smooth assembly, all the girders were prefabricated and preassembled at neue Holzbau AG in Lungern. Lungern, preassembled and delivered to the construction site just in time. As a subcontractor of Anliker AG, Husner AG is erecting the timber construction.Timbatec is responsible for the statics and the construction of the timber roof in this building.

Image Portal WTK Lucerne

Image: HUSNER AG Timber construction

From the beginning of summer, motorists will motorists will see this bridge portal before they pass under the wooden bridge. The costs for the wildlife overpass amount to around 10.7 million Swiss francs.


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