EHC Ajoie celebrates promotion in new showpiece wooden building


HC Ajoie is promoted to the highest ice hockey league in Switzerland - a whole region is celebrating! Whether the regional wood from which the new Raffeisen Arena in Porrentruy is built was decisive, we do not know. What is certain is that from next season, ice hockey will be played in two lighthouse projects: The Valiant Arena in Davos and the Raffeisen Arena.

EHC Ajoie celebrates promotion in new showpiece wooden building

The Decision falls only in the overtime. After 71:17 minutes it was the veteran Matthias Joggi who scored Ajoie out of a Ajoie out of a scrum into the luck. After that the wooden building became a festival hut. Timbatec congratulates HC Ajoie on their promotion to the highest the highest Swiss ice hockey league.

The new Raiffeisen Arena made of wood with 4,650 seats is the home arena of the newly promoted ice hockey team HC Ajoie. It is a good example of how large projects can be built from regional wood. Already in the winter of 2018/19, ProForêt SA harvested around 2,000 m3 of softwood, 700 m3 of ash and 300 m3 of beech from the surrounding forests. These were used to make boards, boards, beams and solid wood panels, which can now be found in processed form in the Sieger Stadium. stadium. For example, as 45-meter-long lattice girders above the ice rink or in the grandstand construction with girders made of beech with high load-bearing capacity.

New Raiffeisen Arena

For the provision of the wood, the surrounding the surrounding municipalities founded the "Syndicat intercommunal District de Porrentruy (SIDP)". In addition to the structural design, Timbatec was also responsible for the the timber flow, i.e. the process from logging to the finished building project. responsible.

In this news article you can learn more about the use of regional wood and how the use of Swiss wood makes an important contribution to the environmental protection.

In GEO magazine you will find an interesting article about the Raiffeisen Arena.


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