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New Construction Double Kindergarten, Uttigen



The new double kindergarten in Uttigen was planned and constructed as a pure timber building. The building should be simple and inexpensive. The use should also remain variable - school meetings should also be able to take place there.

Outside Garden View zoom
Outside Garden View
Exterior View Entrance side zoom
Exterior View Entrance side
Light Interior with Acoustic Ceiling zoom
Light Interior with Acoustic Ceiling
Gallery view zoom
Gallery view
Facade South-North zoom
Facade South-North

The Wishes 

In addition to the kindergarten and training rooms, a separate equipment room is integrated into the overall appearance. The insulation standard of the outer shell is equivalent to the Minergie standard. However, the installation of comfort ventilation and certification were not carried out.   

The Design

The roof structure is freely tensioned over 8.70 m so that as large a space as possible is created without any interference from supports. The roof is bridged with a 320 mm high signature box to support the loads of the heavy roof structure (extensive greening). The Lignatur system proved to be an optimal supporting structure, since the curvature of the roof can also be formed with elements of different widths. The room acoustics measures are also directly integrated into the lignature elements. The walls are of normal frame construction. On the one hand, the stiffening is solved via the inner panelling, consisting of a Livingboard panel. This Livingboard board is also the inner planking, which is why a formaldehyde-free glued board was explicitly chosen. Steel girders clamped in the concrete foundation brace the building at the window front. This system was chosen because there are no bracing walls that can take over the cross bracing. A signature ceiling was also used in the existing gallery to enable the same acoustic measures as in the roof. 

Construction Data

  • Roof span: 8.7m 
  • Length: 30.1m 
  • Width: 19.7m

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