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Residential building sue&til, Winterthur



sue&til: The currently largest wooden residential building in Switzerland contains 307 apartments, a mixed-use ground floor and 200 parking lots. The 6-storey building is a flagship project for timber construction in Switzerland.

View of the kitchen zoom
View of the kitchen
Loggia with wooden columns and ceilings zoom
Loggia with wooden columns and ceilings
Installation of the ceiling elements to the staircase core zoom
Installation of the ceiling elements to the staircase core
Installation of pre-fabricated sanitary facilities zoom
Installation of pre-fabricated sanitary facilities

The Project  

Often,delays in the construction process must be counted on for such large projects. However, not at sue&til in Winterthur. The first tenants were able to move into their apartments six months earlier than planned. Thanks to the innovative solutions and the dry construction method possible with wood, the first tenants were able to move into their apartments 14 months after the start of the erection work.  

Functional modules with repetitive types of construction were developed for this project. At the same time, the floor plans are very individual and attractive for singles, couples, families or pensioners. The complex is not only interesting from an architectural and timber construction point of view. It also meets the highest energy requirements and fulfils the requirements of the 2000-watt society. 

The Construction  

sue&til consists of 80% wood. The ceilings as well as the interior and exterior walls consist of prefabricated elements. Only the staircase, the ground floor and the cellar are made of reinforced  concrete. Thanks to consistent digital planning and a high degree of prefabrication, sue&til is more economical in timber construction than a comparable reinforced concrete project. 

The Challenges  

The very fast construction method required consistent prefabrication and precise site logistics. This requires a complete and error-free planning of all components. Timbatec played its part with the factory planning, the fire protection and statics concept and the site inspections. 

Construction Data

- Construction costs 162 million Swiss Francs

- Construction costs BKP 214 (timber construction) 15 million Swiss Francs

- Building volume 178'888 m3 

- Floor areas 53'280 m3 

- Solid and glued laminated timber 6'800 m3 

- Veneer and multi-layer boards 1'130 m3 

Services Timbatec

- Statics 

- Construction 

- Fire protection

- Work planning for factory 

weberbrunner architekten
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Timber Construction Engineer
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG
Building Owner
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Total Contracting
Implenia Schweiz AG
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  • Ruhig wohnen – auch in grossen Gebäuden aus Holz

    Live quietly – even in large buildings made of wood

    bauen modern, Issue 2/2021 – Nowadays, more and more large residential buildings are built in timber construction. Their occupants are very satisfied with the building acoustics. This is the result of an extensive scientific survey on the subjective perception of sound in the living environment. The high level of occupant satisfaction is due to the fact that modern multi-storey wooden buildings use tried-and-tested solutions with sound-robust construction solutions. (Report in German)

  • Eine wirklich große Wohnsiedlung in Holz

    A truly large housing estate in wood

    Zuschnitt 80, March 2021 - Wood stands for resource-saving and sustainable construction. As a result, it is also becoming increasingly attractive in multi-story residential construction. Where many live, it is sometimes noisy. That is why the magazine "Zuschnitt 80" has published a special issue on sound insulation and in it shows innovative solutions for multi-storey timber construction. The solid wood ceiling with an 8 cm thick bonded fill of crushed stone grains with elastic binder, was developed by Timbatec for the showcase project sue&til. (Report in German)

  • Wohnüberbauung «Sue & Til», Oberwinterthur

    «Sue & Til», Oberwinterthur

    Holzbulletin, January 2020 - The largest Swiss residential development from Wood is in Winterthur, is six storeys high, 200 metres long and offers a wide range of Living space in over 300 apartments. During the timber construction behind of a simple aluminium facade, it becomes visible in the apartments in the form of untreated wooden ceilings. (German)

  • «Sue & Til» in Winterthur gelingt eine hervorragende Ökobilanz

    «Sue & Til» in Winterthur succeeds in achieving an excellent ecological balance sheet

    architektur bauen+handwek, December 2019 - Switzerland's largest wooden building was completed in summer 2018 on the former Sulzer site in Winterthur-Neuhegi. It meets criteria of both economic efficiency and ecology. Timbatec was allowed to participate in this showcase project as a timber construction engineer and was responsible for the structural analysis and fire protection. In this report you will learn how such a project can be realized thanks to a high degree of prefabrication.

  • Timber and Technology

    Timber and Technology

    Timbatec - August 2019 - In our Timber and Technology magazine you can find out why more and more building owners and planning offices are turning to wood. Thanks to the high fire safety, the positive effect on the climate and its light weight, wood is the ideal building material. Sue & Til, Switzerland's largest wooden residential development in Winterthur, is introduced and our new managing director Andreas Burgherr tells us in an interview how whole cities can soon be made of wood. We wish you an exciting read.

  • sue&til- ein Holzbauprojekt das überzeugt

    sue&til- a timber construction project that convinces

    Immobilien im BlickPunkt, März 2019 - The sue&til development in Winterthur consists of 20 houses with a total of 307 apartments and eight commercial units on the ground floor. The buildings were constructed in timber construction and certified according to the sustainability requirements of the SIA Energy 2040 Efficiency Path in accordance with the Minergie standard. Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG was responsible for the statics, the fire protection and all timber engineering services for this flagship project. Read more about this exciting project in Prisca Baechinger's report in BlickPunkt magazine.

  • Stadt aus Holz

    Wooden town

    City of Wood No. 4, Tec 21, November 2018 - Switzerland's largest wooden building was completed in the Neuhegi suburb of Winterthur in the summer of 2018. It fulfils both criteria of economic efficiency and ecology. Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG was allowed to participate in this showcase project with wood construction engineering services and was responsible for the statics. The exciting report by Charles von Büren presents the project of Arge Sue & Til. In the fourth part of the special issue "City of Wood", current, large-format buildings are presented whose construction was entirely or largely made of wood.

  • Größtes Holzbauprojekt in Winterthur realisiert

    Largest timber construction project in Winterthur completed

    Holz-Zentralblatt Page 945, October 2018 - Switzerland's largest timber construction project was completed this summer in Winterthur: The "Sue & Til" housing estate. The development follows the principles of the 2000-watt society. It was completely prefabricated in the factory and comprises 300 owner-occupied and rented apartments as well as public-oriented uses on the ground floor. Timbatec Timber Construction Engineers Switzerland Ltd carried out the timber construction planning and is responsible for the fire protection concept. This report by the Holz-Zentralblatt provides information about this superlative timber construction project.

  • Grösstes Schweizer Holzbauquartier entsteht in Winterthur

    Switzerland's largest timber construction quarter is being built in Winterthur

    Wir Holzbauer 6.18 - Shortly after the currently largest Swiss timber housing estate "sue&til" was completed in Winterthur, the foundation stone was already laid in the same city for another project that will be executed in timber frame construction. In Lokstadt, centrally located in the Eulach city, the first building to be constructed is Haus Krokodil. With around 200 rental apartments and 60 condominiums as well as commercial premises, it will offer space for living, working and experiencing. The first residents are scheduled to move in in 2020. The consortium Baumberger & Stegmeier AG from Zurich and KilgaPopp Architekten from Winterthur are responsible for the design; Timbatec is responsible for the planning and for the statics of the wooden structure.

  • Der grösste Holzbau der Schweiz

    Switzerland's Largest Timber Construction

    Wir Holzbauer 5.2018 - The "sue&til" development sets new standards in urban construction, writes the specialist publication "Wir Holzbauer". Implenia's project consists of 20 five- to six-storey buildings with over 300 apartments. Timber construction elements with an area of more than 50,000 square metres were used in what is currently Switzerland's largest timber construction project. The concept for fire protection and the supporting structure was developed by Timbatec's timber construction engineers, who took an extrapolated 10,000 working days, the trade magazine reports. The article about "sue&til" describes in detail not only the timber construction of the major project, but also the complex planning work that was necessary for it. For the Swiss trade magazine, it is clear that this construction project makes Winterthur, which has developed into an important economic and industrial location in Switzerland, even more attractive.

  • Nachhaltig und wirtschaftlich

    Sustainable and Economical

    Architecture + Technology 9/17 - The use of cellulose injection insulation instead of rock wool at the timber construction site "sue & til" in Winterthur is the subject of a detailed article in the magazine Architektur + Technik. Originally, only the roof of the six-story project was to be insulated with cellulose, while the 280 mm thick elements of the outer wall were to be insulated with rock wool. The reason: Until the end of 2014, cellulose insulation was only permitted in buildings with a maximum of three floors. With the amendment of the fire protection regulations VKF at the beginning of 2015, the external walls of buildings with more than three stories may now also be insulated with cellulose. When Timbatec's timber construction engineers were in the middle of the implementation planning at the end of 2015, the general contractor Implenia asked whether the planned new building could be insulated with cellulose on the basis of the existing building permit. Timbatec tested the cellulose insulation and planned the relevant details and burn-off proofs at short notice. The advantages of this type of insulation: cellulose is more sustainable because its production generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than rock wool.

  • Holz – Baustoff mit Zukunft

    Timber - building material with a future

    Winterthurer Zeitung, 43/2017 - On the occasion of the erection of the timber construction settlement "sue & til" in Oberwinterthur, an article about timber as a building material appeared in the Winterthurer Zeitung. The general contractor Implenia, which developed "sue & til", has been building with timber for over 90 years and thus has a great deal of knowledge of this building material, the weekly says. The advantages of timber as a building material are highlighted in detail in the newspaper article: Compared to solid building materials, the use of timber saves between 15 and 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to solid construction. The article also states that the indoor climate benefits from timber: Timber has a balancing effect because it can absorb and release humidity. As a light building material, timber is very suitable for extensions and roof structures. In addition, timber is a tough and durable material: it is resistant to wind and weather, has good properties for insulating heat and noise and is inexpensive to maintain.

    Zum Projekt

  • Konkurrenzlos nachhaltig

    Unrivalled sustainability

    Wir Holzbauer 7.17 - At the timber construction site "sue & til", the outer wall elements were originally to be insulated with rock wool in order to meet the requirements for fire and noise protection. Implenia did not have the use of cellulose injection insulation tested at Timbatec until the building permit was obtained. The reason was the amendment of the fire protection regulations VKF. Since the beginning of 2015, the use of cellulose insulation in external walls has also been possible for buildings with more than three stories. Timbatec examined the consequences of cellulose insulation on fire protection and planned the relevant details and burning proofs at short notice, as the article in "Wir Holzbauer" shows. Finally, cellulose injection insulation from isofloc was used, which is significantly more sustainable and economical. For example, less greenhouse gas emissions are produced during production. Thanks to the easyfloc injection system, insulation is also much quicker and cheaper.

    Zum Projekt

  • Wir setzen auf Holz

    We rely on timber

    bauRundschau 2/17 - In earlier centuries, timber as a building material was a matter of course in cities. In the 20th century, however, timber largely disappeared from urban space. In 1993, the first three-story timber buildings were still considered pioneering achievements. A lot has changed since then: Today, 100 meter high timber buildings are already being built in urban centers and timber is used in a wide variety of construction projects. The "bauRundschau" uses five groundbreaking projects to show just how diverse the building material timber is used today. Among other things, the trade magazine presents projects in which Timbatec was or still is significantly involved, including the "sue & til" residential development in Winterthur, the Arborea residential building in Köniz and a new viewing platform in Basel Zoo.

  • Grösster Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau in Holzbauweise der Schweiz

    Largest timber-frame residential and commercial building in Switzerland

    Austrian Journal of Engineers and Architects (ÖIAZ), issue 1-12/2017 - With "sue&til", a dense, urban development with over 300 apartments and several commercial premises is being built in Winterthur's Neuhegi Quarter, the city's new urban center. The large building complex in particular is a timber building. The "sue&til" development is designed to be compatible with the requirements of the 2000-watt society. For this reason, the framework conditions for industrial timber construction had to be taken into account when the study contract, which Implenia Schweiz AG had put out to tender, was being processed. The proposal of the working group of the architectural offices weberbrunner and Soppelsa finally won the project competition. Timbatec is responsible for timber construction planning for the project. In the ÖIAZ article, Boris Brunner, one of the architects involved, describes the planning history of "sue&til".

  • «sue&til» – das bislang grösste Holzbauprojekt, der Schweiz

    "sue&til" - Switzerland's largest timber construction project to date

    holzBaumarktschweiz 03/2016 - The "sue&til" residential and commercial development with over 300 apartments is currently under construction in Winterthur on an area of 17 800 m². The special: Most of the development will be constructed as a timber structure, which Timbatec has been commissioned to plan. "sue&til" will be one of the largest timber housing estates in the state, fulfils the strictest sustainability criteria and meets the objectives of the 2000-watt society (according to SIA Efficiency Path Energy MB 2040). The project was developed by Implenia, Switzerland's leading construction and construction services company, in close cooperation with the City of Winterthur.

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