New construction of the cantonal administration building Neumatt, Burgdorf


The new Neumatt Cantonal Administration Center was built on the former armory site in Burgdorf. A large-volume building with high requirements for sustainable construction.

Facts and images
Construction Data
Element 1
Element 1
Base connection
Base connection
Support structure
Support structure

The project
The Zeughaus PPP AG, newly founded by the competition winners Marti Generalunternehmung AG Bern and BAM Deutschland AG for this project, was commissioned by the canton to demolish the existing buildings and to construct buildings on the site for the cantonal police, the regional and juvenile court, the tax administration, and the central administration. Also the regional prison, the public prosecutor's office and the road inspectorate / civil engineering office with work yard were built. The entire development was certified Minergie- P- ECO. The administrative buildings were constructed as reinforced concrete skeleton structures. For the facades, elements in timber frame construction were placed in front of the supporting structure in concrete. The assignment for Timbatec was to develop suitable details and to verify the statics for the connections at floor transitions.

The construction
The main part of Timbatec's work on this project was the design. This included the issuance of plans with measurement of individual elements, control, threshold and facade plans based on the 3D model.

The challenge
A special angle had to be designed, which had to meet the following conditions: Fixing to concrete slab with at least 2 anchor bolts despite reinforcement Supporting the element of the upper floor. Support of the element of the lower floor Absorption of movements in the concrete (shrinkage, swelling) without loading the lower element. Dissipation of wind forces into the concrete slab.

Construction Data

- Elements in timber frame 642 pcs.

- Timbatec plans 216 pcs.

- Structural timber 426m3

- gypsum fiberboards 6`360m2

- OSB boards 5`600m2

Services of Timbatec

- SIA phase 31 preliminary project

- Cost estimate

- SIA Phase 32 Construction project

- Statics and construction

- Works planning 3D and 2D

- Site supervision and site inspections

Architect Design
Frick Krüger Nusser Architekten
D-81541 München

Architect / Site Management
ANS Architekten und Planer AG
3076 Worb

Zeughaus PPP AG
3322 Schönbühl-Urtenen

Timber constructioncontractors
Haudenschild Holzbau AG
4704 Niederbipp

Timber construction engineers
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG, Thun
3600 Thun


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