Conversion Alte Dorfstr. 22, Affoltern a. A.


In the village center of Affoltern am Albis, the residential and commercial building with the former old Schmitte on the first floor is to be preserved. Timbatec was responsible for the timber construction planning and fire protection supervision and supported the building physics with the sound insulation.

Facts and images
Construction Data
Room with kitchen
Room with kitchen
Room (with ascent)
Room (with ascent)
Ceiling construction attic
Ceiling construction attic
Reinforcement of old beams
Reinforcement of old beams

The project
Formerly, on the first floor was the old village center, and on the upper floor lived the family that ran the Schmitte. The attic was used only as a storage room. The Schmitte became a café with the ambience of the old Schmitte, the forge is now used as a buffet, the hooks for the horseshoes are used to hang decorations. The surrounding quarry stone walls give the cafe its cozy charm. The interior of the upper floor and attic were completely renovated. The top floor now houses an apartment, where the new roof elements unite with the old support structure. On the upper floor there are four new offices, which could be converted into an apartment at a later date.

The construction
The attic was completely renewed with an element construction. The old supporting structure of the gallery was dismantled in advance, cleaned and brushed and reinstalled in the interior. The ceiling structure above the first floor was structurally strengthened and given a new floor structure to improve sound insulation.

The challenge
The property is a listed building, which required some compromises and challenging detail solutions in the planning and conversion. Likewise, achieving a good impact sound without a large increase in the floor structure was a non-trivial task due to the small room height as well as the weight due to the static properties.

Construction Data

- Building volume: 450 m3

- Useful area: 250 m2

Construction costs

- Total construction BKP 1-9: 1.6 Mio

- Wood construction BKP 214: 350'000

Services of Timbatec

- SIA Phase 11 Condition analysis

- SIA Phase 21 Structural analysis

- SIA Phase 31 Preliminary design

- SIA Phase 32 Construction project

- SIA Phase 41 Tendering and comparison of offers

- SIA Phase 52 Execution

- SIA Phase 51 Execution project

- Statics and construction

- Planning of building physics

- Fire protection planning

- cost estimation

- Technical site supervision and site inspections

Heirs Stierli
8910 Affoltern am Albis

Architekturbüro Bernhard Stierli
8910 Affoltern am Albis

Timber constructionengineer
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure (Schweiz) AG Zurich
8005 Zurich

Köfler Holzbau
8909 Zwillikon

2542 Pieterlen


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