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MFH Johnsonhaus, Köniz



In the heart of the municipality of Köniz, a residential and commercial building on Neuhausplatz has been built in a sunny location close to the center.

View Curvature zoom
View Curvature
Facade view with balconies zoom
Facade view with balconies
Corner detail zoom
Corner detail
Balcony (Photos: Alexander Gempeler) zoom
Balcony (Photos: Alexander Gempeler)
Carcass, Ceiling Support zoom
Carcass, Ceiling Support

The Project

The building in the form of a quarter circle measures approx. 90 x 14 x 17 m. In it 32 rented apartments were created between 3½ and 5½ rooms. Furthermore, the building contains 3 loft apartments as well as 820 m² of sales, service and commercial space and 26 parking spaces.

The Execution

The timber construction starts from the ceiling above the ground floor ( pre-stressed reinforced concrete ceiling) and consists of 4 full stories. Timber-concrete composite ceilings were installed between the load-bearing partition walls of the apartments. The roof is also a timber-concrete composite ceiling, the outermost layer of which forms an extensive vegetation. The bracing of the building is carried out via the concrete overlay and through the staircase cores into the foundation.

Swiss Timber Prize − Prix Lignum 2015 Recognition Region Mitte 

PDF: Prix Lignum 2015 Residential and commercial building at Neuhausplatz Köniz 

More information can be found here

Construction Data

  • 162 m³ glulam GL24h
  • 586 m³ timber C24
  • 17 m³ Kerto Q
  • 337 m² OSB
  • 9000 m² gypsum fiber boards
  • 12 t steel

Construction Costs

  • BKP  1-9:  20.5 Mio
  • BKP     2:  17.0 Mio
  • BKP 214:    2.5 Mio

Timbatec's Services

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary project / construction project
  • Fire prevention
  • Estimated cost
  • Statics / Construction
  • Text for tender
  • Implementation project
  • Site management / Site inspections

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Timber Construction Engineer
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Timber Building Contractors
Zimmerei Kühni AG
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Building Owner
Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung
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