Opening Ceremony TIMBATEC Austria


The opening party of "TIMBATEC Holzbauingenieure GmbH" was a great success. Numerous guests from the Austrian architectural, construction and timber construction scene celebrated the opening of TIMBATEC Austria on September 21.

Opening Ceremony TIMBATEC Austria

After many months of preparation, we were now able to celebrate: TIMBATEC Austria was officially opened. At the successful opening party, people listened to the presentations of the three protagonists (DI FH Stefan Zöllig, DI Tamir Pixner MSc. and o. Univ. Prof. DDI Wolfgang Winter), chatted until late in the evening and enjoyed the end of the summer together.

Picture credits: APA/Schedl

fl. Arch. DI Iwan Weinmann, DI Wilhelm Dessulemoustier, DI Tamir Pixner MSc., o.Univ.Prof. DDI Wolfgang Winter, DI FH Stefan Zöllig, Arch. DI Michael Schluder


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