Alszeile in Vienna is erected


Vienna is growing strongly. The city is expected to have two million inhabitants as early as 2023. This requires new living space. Timbatec is committed to more timber construction projects like Alszeile. In this sustainable project, we were responsible for the structural analysis, among other things.

Alszeile in Vienna is erected

The non-profit building community "Familienwohnbau" is building 52 new housing units in Vienna Hernals. residential units. The housing development is not only characterized by its prime location on the edge of the Vienna Woods, it is also exemplary from the point of view of sustainability. High-quality furnishings, an innovative energy supply and the clear commitment to wood as a material are commendable in the construction project.

Wood remains visible
The building structures are planned as planned as purely wooden buildings. Wood as a building element deliberately remains visible both inside and visible both inside and outside. In addition to the economic and ecological advantages advantages, this creates a pleasant living atmosphere and makes the basic building material visible.

Overview Als line

The four-story The majority of the four-story structures were built from prefabricated elements. This This enables rapid construction, saving time and money. Timbatec planned the structural concept and thus laid the foundation for the successful timber construction.

Equal celebration Alszeile
Managing Director Tamir Pixner (left) and our new employee Franz Hochwimmer enjoy the Gleichen celebration.


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