Staff restaurant built in record time


The new staff restaurant time out at the Aarau Cantonal Hospital was built in just eight months. 3D planning and good project management made the fast construction time possible. The building owner is grateful to ERNE as the general contractor and to the planning team.

Staff restaurant built in record time

The Aarau Cantonal Hospital is planning to build a new a new building within the existing hospital site. It will replace the existing clinics. Construction activities with site clearance began in 2019 and will be largely completed by 2023. A provisional facility with an estimated operating time of of 4-5 years will replace the existing staff restaurant. On November 30, the the new restaurant named time out with 500 seats.

The temporary time out with its golden facade

The new restaurant had to be built quickly space conditions, had to be built quickly. The price, easy demountability and an inviting an inviting atmosphere for hospital staff were important criteria. criteria. With these requirements in mind, the client examined variants: A structure made of containers, a tent or a wooden structure were up for discussion. "A timber system building with an operating life of 5 years turned out to be the most economical solution," says Christoph Zehnder, Project Manager Architecture & Construction of the Aarau Cantonal Hospital.

Fast construction time
Construction work started in April. the construction work. At that time, some doubted whether the whether the new restaurant would really be ready by the end of November. would be finished. "Even my architect colleagues from the architecture + construction department were not so sure that the deadlines could be could be met," recalls Christoph Zehnder. In mid-July, the first wooden elements arrived on the construction site. Just three weeks later, the entire timber structure was erected. Already next week, the first lunches will be served behind the golden façade of OSB panels. lunches will be served.

Christoph Zehnder, Project Manager Owner and Silvan Stierli, Project Manager Timbatec

Faultless planning and good communication between the trades trades made this fast construction time possible. Initially, the architectural plans were 2D. "We are happy, we switched to 3D planning. On the next project, I will ask for 3D planning even sooner," says the Owner's Representative.

Planning with cadwork team module
The planning team built a digital twin of the restaurant time out - even before the first piece of wood was machined was machined. In this way, errors were already recognized in the planning phase and could be corrected without incurring high costs. For this digital twin, the team module of cadwork was used for this digital twin. Several people work in linked 3D plans. "As soon as a specialist planner updates his model, the other participants receive a message. involved receive a message. They in turn update their models to the latest Urs Flükiger, Head of Plant Planning at Timbatec, explains. The cadwork team Canada around Laurent Decosterd developed the team module. Time out is the proof of concept in Europe - the functionality will be included in the BIM Manager in one of the next cadwork versions. in one of the next versions.

3D planning with cadwork

Timbatec was not only responsible for the works planning of all timber components but also for the engineering work and fire protection. With well thought out details Timbatec ensures that the staff restaurant convinces with functionality. convinces.

Interior view staff restaurant time out

Building owner
Kantonsspital Aarau Department of Operations, Architecture and Construction

General contractor
ERNE AG Holzbau

Timber construction engineer
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG

Civil Engineer
STK Bauingenieure AG


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