Showcase wooden building ready erected


The replacement building at Wehntalerstrasse 52 in Zurich-Unterstrass is erected. With the use of clay panels, sheep's wool insulation, flexible walls and TS3 technology, the timber construction is highly interesting from an ecological and technical point of view.

Showcase wooden building ready erected

The Generation House W52 with GEAK-A energy label actively promotes communal and and intergenerational intergenerational living. Ecological and energy-optimized construction with wood was required from the from the very beginning. Timbatec supports Wellmann Architekten AG in the planning and the careful careful use of resources. The installation and and finishing work still have to be completed before the tenants can move into their tenants can move into their apartments at the beginning of October.

Focus on building physics
Well thought-out concepts for building acoustics and sound insulation are required. We develop these with foresight, thus ensuring noise protection and pleasant room acoustics, especially in the especially in the area of co-working spaces. Ecological construction also requires the careful selection of building materials: The use of wood, The use of wood, clay and sheep's wool is a good example of modern and considerate construction methods.

A 6 cm thick Fermacell honeycomb fill over the cross-laminated timber ceilings, combined with the mineral mineral impact sound insulation and the underlay floor, ensures compliance with the the requirements for airborne sound and impact sound. The floor slab also makes an important contribution to thermal insulation in summer.

TS3 storey ceiling with floor structure

For ecological reasons, Timbatec consistently refrains from the use of use of wood-concrete composite ceilings. With the above, resource-saving in conjunction with quality assurance on the construction site, the sound insulation requirements can be the sound insulation requirements can be met. In projects with projects with a property standard, the floor structure is adapted to the adapted to the requirements.

Flexible partition walls
Timbatec developed three variants for the three variants for the non-load-bearing interior walls. The Basic variant is used inside of the apartments. Thanks to a double-sided doubling, it can be used as an apartment partition wall. Where necessary, the walls are replaced by replaced by door sills. The result is a highly flexible building with apartment sizes that can be the current demand, is the result.

Flexible partition walls

Floor slabs with TS3 technology
The building typology was ideally was ideally suited for TS3 technology. This technology is the result of more than 10 years of research and development by Timbatec together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. connection of wooden components. The cross laminated timber panels for the floor slabs of the five-story wooden building were pretreated with a primer at the Schilliger pretreated with a primer at Schilliger's manufacturing plant. On the construction site, these by a TS3 application technician by joint grouting and without pressure. and without pressing pressure. This creates large areas of and the forces can be transferred to the outer walls and the concrete staircase at defined points. concrete staircase at defined points. This allows the formation of non-load-bearing interior walls with the aforementioned flexibility.

TS3 pretreatment at Schilliger


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