Ice rink in Pruntrut - The wooden structure is erected


In Pruntrut in the canton of Jura, a new ice rink is being built using timber construction. Since the end of November 2019, the craftsmen of the Batipro SA and JPF-Ducret SA consortium have been erecting the structure with wood from the surrounding municipalities. Timbatec is responsible for all timber engineering services.

Ice rink in Pruntrut - The wooden structure is erected

The new Raiffeisen Arena with 4650 seats will be the home arena of ice hockey B league team HC Ajoie. The ice rinks will also be used by the curling club, the figure skaters and the general public. Also the aspiring national ice hockey teams will also train and play in Porrentruy.

The new playing and and training facilities for the sportsmen and sportswomen will be built largely from wood from the surrounding communities. Timbatec has planned the flow of wood and Timbatec has planned the flow of wood and materials, which has worked very well so far. The municipal union "Syndicat intercommunal du District de Porrentruy (SIDP)" provided around 2000 m3 of coniferous wood and 1000 m3 (solid cubic meters) of wood from its forests. From this the consortium Batipro SA and JPF-Ducret SA produced boards, beams, glulam and other other components, which the craftsmen are erecting at the moment.

Timbatec has designed developed an interesting solid wood ceiling especially for the ice rink. The truss will be made with bottom and top chords in ash wood. The spectator spectator stands will be built in wood. The ice rink is a good example of how, thanks to good planning and early sensitization large-scale projects can be realized with wood from the community's own forests.

VIP box with ceiling element

The consortium of architects Dolci Architects in Yverdon and Stähelin Partner in Delémont developed the arena. The visualization by Dolci Architects shows the future the future VIP box with its wooden supports and ceiling construction. can be seen.


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