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With Jari Janowski and Lisa Adler, we were able to recruit two new employees for our team. Furthermore, Lukas Leu, Yannik Vetter, Christian Schnyder and Piero Kessler, four prospective engineers, have started their internship at Timbatec. We extend a warm welcome to all of them.

The innovative construction methods and forms require not only new structural and design solutions, but also up-to-date performance specifications. They should enable the tenderers to describe the planned building in a technically correct and legally unambiguous way in the contract for work and services between the contractor and the client.   

New NPK 332 with all timber construction works 

The market share and the individual construction projects have increased significantly over the last 20 years. The tender documents must take this positive development into account. Therefore, chapters 331, 332 and 333 of the standard position catalog have been completely revised. All timber construction work - carpentry, element construction, cladding and finishing - is now combined in one chapter. High demands are made on a new NPK timber construction: For example, it should be possible to describe new construction methods and material developments in a technically correct and legally secure manner, and it should also be able to be applied consistently in the digital planning environment. In this report, Stefan Zöllig, the author of the new NPK chapter, and his colleagues Fredy Birchmeier and Simon Meier provide an insight into the work involved in the new edition of NPK 332.

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Stefan Zöllig presented the systematics of the new NPK chapter in an Impulse webinar last November. You can find the webinar here.

New approaches to consultation

After a good two years of work, the new NPK chapter is ready for consultation. Here, too, the CRB is taking a new approach: instead of a written consultation, a kick-off was held online on February 18, 2021, at which Stefan Zöllig explained the concepts and contents of the new NPK 332 Timber Construction to the interested participants. 

Lignatec 1 Wood protection

The Lignatec booklets are a series of technical wood information publications from Lignum that are popular tools in wood construction planning. Each issue deals with a specific topic. In 1995, the first booklet on wood preservation in construction was published. After a good 25 years, the publication was completely revised for the new edition. 

Timbatec was involved as a co-author in the new publication and is pleased that the new booklet is now in consultation with the sponsoring associations of Lignum. We are convinced that the new Lignatec will be able to convey the most important principles of wood preservation to architects who have little experience in planning wooden buildings.

Lignatec Alt und Neu


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