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  • Tirols größter Vollholzwohnbau

    Tyrol's largest all-wood residential building

    Holzbauaustria, Issue No. 2/2021 – Tyrol's largest all-wood residential building has been erected in Kufstein, directly on the Weißache River. The five-story building is classified in building class 5 and was built entirely in wood from the underground garage ceiling upwards, including the stairwell and elevator shaft - prefabricated concrete parts were used only for the flights of stairs. (Report in German)

  • Erstes Kapitel Lokstadt: Kantiges Krokodil aus Holz

    First chapter Lokstadt: angular crocodile made of wood

    Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau, Issue No. 04/2022 – Where locomotives and machines used to be built in Winterthur, a new district is being created: Lokstadt. The first building is called «Crocodile» and is one of the largest wooden buildings in Switzerland. The timber frame building was planned with BIM from the very beginning. But that's not the only thing that makes the mega residential building a pilot project. (Report in German)

  • Arbeitsmodell einer Schwerlastbrücke aus Holz eingeweiht

    Working model of heavy duty wooden bridge inaugurated

    hbs holzBaumarktSchweiz, Issue No. 4/2022 – Will we build large infrastructure structures such as highway bridges from wood in the future? Through the increased use of wood, infrastructure construction could contribute to decarbonization. Heavy-duty bridges with prestressed box girder elements would make large structures such as highway bridges and viaducts possible. A working model of this has been on display in Biel since May 9. (Report in German)

  • Nach Wildtierüberführung kommt Autobahnbrücke aus Holz

    After wildlife overpass comes wooden highway bridge

    Holz-Zentralblatt, Issue No. 26/2022 – Infrastructure construction is one of the largest Co₂ emitters in Switzerland. The main cause is the use of reinforced concrete. Through the increased use of wood, infrastructure construction could contribute to decarbonization. Heavy-duty bridges with prestressed wooden box girder elements could also enable large structures such as highway bridges and viaducts. (Report in German)

  • Die Verwendung von Eschenholz für tragende Zwecke bei der Eishalle in Porrentruy

    The use of ash wood for load-bearing purposes on the ice rink in Porrentruy

    11th International Wood Construction Forum FBC 2022 – After almost fifty years of service, the old Ajoie indoor ice rink needed major maintenance and renovation work. The evolution of the requirements of the Swiss ice hockey league and the need to bring the building into conformity with the new safety standards for spectators made a complete renovation of the Porrentruy site essential. (Report in French by Johann Maître, Timbatec Timber Construction Engineers Switzerland AG, Delémont)

  • Die Holzdecke wird salonfähig

    The wooden ceiling becomes presentable

    Wir Holzbauer, Issue 5/2022 - The beam ceiling is becoming flat: Researchers and engineers have found a solution for optimally replacing the concrete ceiling with wood. The first residential buildings have thus been realized and those involved are enthusiastic. (Report in German)

  • Autobahnbrücken  –  aus Holz?!

    Highway bridges – made of wood?!

    Wir Holzbauer, Issue 5/2022 - For timber engineer Stefan Zöllig, timber construction should continue to gain momentum - carried by research projects such as the heavy load bridge made of wood. His latest project was presented and inaugurated in early May at the fourth International Timber Bridge Conference ICTB on the campus of BFH Biel with a first bridge model. (Report in German)

  • «Auf NET können wir nicht verzichten»

    "We can't do without NET"

    The Environment, Issue No. 2/2022 – When it comes to climate change, we rightly discuss primarily the limitation and reduction of CO₂ emissions from the burning of fossil resources. But that will not be enough to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement: Not only will we have to emit less CO₂, but we will also have to actively and permanently remove it from the atmosphere - with technical measures. This is precisely what negative emission technologies (NET) are all about, and this issue of "die umwelt" is dedicated to them. (Report in German and French)

  • Innovationen mit Hochschulen generieren

    Generating innovations with universities

    Schweizer BauJournal, June 2022 – Many SMEs lack the time, money and human resources to invest in research and development. The following article shows how companies can benefit from collaboration with universities. (Report in German)

  • Zwei «25-Jährige» arbeiten erfolgreich zusammen

    Two «25-year-olds» work together successfully

    Spirit Biel/Bienne 06/2022 – 25 years ago, Stefan Zöllig founded Timbatec in Steffisburg as a sole proprietorship. In the 25 years of operation, Timbatec has grown into a successful timber construction engineering firm. Since then, the company has completed over 3000 timber construction projects and recently founded new start-ups. (Report in German)

  • Semiramis – die hängenden Gärten von Zug

    Semiramis – the hanging gardens of Zug

    Semiramis News by TCZ, 1/2022 – A very special work of art is being built on the corner of Ahornstrasse and Industriestrasse in Zug. In reference to the famous hanging gardens in ancient Babylon, the elegant construction is called Semiramis. In five freely shaped and ingeniously arranged wooden bowls, grasses, flowers, perennials, shrubs and even trees will grow. The artwork of high-tech and nature will mark the center of the new Tech Cluster quarter. (Report in German)

  • Holz wählen und agil werden

    Choose wood and become agile

    Holzbauer spezial, Issue No. 1/2022 – It is time for wood to highlight its rationally assessable facts: Wood can replace concrete, brick and steel and shows good fire behavior. In addition, wood also offers endless architectural possibilities: with a wood look or any facade cladding. However, the change of material in the construction upends the usual building processes. (Report in German)

  • Die CO₂-Einsparungen wären gross

    The CO₂ savings would be great

    Bieler Tagblatt, Issue No. 10.05.2022 – Timber construction: Can bridges for heavy traffic also be built from wood? This question is being investigated by a research consortium at Bern University of Applied Science. A ten-meter-long working model was presented yesterday in Biel. (Report in German)

  • Holz erobert den Hochbau

    Wood conquers building construction

    Immobilia, Issue No. 04/2022 – Andreas Burgherr, CEO of Timbatec Holzbauingenieure AG, explains why wood is increasingly being used in building construction. (Report in German)

  • Mehr als vermieten

    More than rent

    TEC21, Issue No. 12/2022 – Where a shingle house for a family stood in Zurich Unterstrass, a multigenerational house in wood hybrid construction with eight apartments has recently been built. In a limited space - but with affordable rents - the private developer and the residents found an alternative to conventional financing, construction and housing models. (Report in German)

  • Dunkle Schale, heller Kern

    Dark shell, light core

    MODULØR, Issue No. 2/2022 – In the Zurich Oberland, the new headquarters of the Swiss electrical company Hustech Installations AG stands out from the broad mass of the industrial area - striking and representative at the same time. This is because, in keeping with the company's innovative philosophy, Rüegg Architekten, together with BGS + Partner Architekten, both from Rapperswil, have implemented a new building that, above all, draws attention to itself from afar in terms of design. Accordingly, in addition to the self-confident design, the new company headquarters including workshop embodies in particular the forward-looking and sustainable spirit of the client as well as their striving for a pleasant working environment. (Report in German)

  • Voll Holz

    Full wood

    Hochparterre, Issue No. 3/22 – In Thun, a house stands as a manifesto. It was built by the timber engineer Stefan Zöllig, who is redefining the possibilities of timber construction. One would not expect such an experiment in a prime location in the villa district above the old town. (Report in German)

  • Neue Geschäftsmodelle mit Holz

    New business models with wood

    Bärnerbär, issue 15.03.2022 – Stefan Zöllig still sees a lot of potential for new business models with wood. Can we obtain building material from 100% of the tree? (Report in German)

  • Neue Dimensionen

    New dimensions

    Immobilien Business, Issue No. 03/2022 – Timber construction: A new technology solves many of the problems previously associated with timber construction - opening up entirely new applications for wood as a building material. For example, in buildings with flexible uses. (Report in German)

  • Am Ende bleibt nur die Trennung

    In the end only the separation remains

    Schreiner Zeitung, Issue No. 35/2021 – SOUND PROTECTION. On both a large and small scale, the decoupling of structural components is the central element for effective sound insulation when working with wood. What is effectively realized in new buildings always causes question marks in conversions. (Report in German)



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