Statik und Konstruktion
Statik und Konstruktion

Modern timber construction is fast: The elements are prefabricated to the millimeter and transported to the construction site. Large buildings thus grow in height in just a few days. This requires precise and seamless workshop planning with 3-D models. We are the link between planning and production.


We will be happy to assist you in planning your construction project. Contact our experienced timber construction technicians.

  • Marcel Limbach

    Marcel Limbach

    Wood construction polisher with federal FA
    Plant Planning Manager


  • Urs Flükiger

    Urs Flükiger

    Technical Specialist Diploma HF in Timber Construction
    Plant Planning Manager
    Head of IT
    Specialist for digital networking in timber construction CAS



Our working method

Timbatec accompanies you from the preliminary project to the construction. We offer the full range of services in the planning of timber construction projects and are thus the ideal partner for your building project. Our range of services is structured according to the SIA phases and is adapted to your individual needs. For a smooth production of the timber construction elements, a complete planning is the be-all and end-all. This is exactly where our technicians have their strength.

We create the workshop planning with production and element plans, control and correction plans as well as assembly plans for them. These planning services usually occur in the Sia Phase 51 execution project. Our services could be as follows:

Clarifications and preliminary work

In this first sub-phase, we gather all the documents and information necessary for the works planning. This often includes the following points:

- Cleaning up the interfaces to other trades

- Clean up all routing and construction details

- Integrating all fixtures such as window and door details

- Creating a tolerance concept for timber construction

- Completing the construction details

- Cable routing for building services / recesses

- Production-specific coordination and test run of the machine control system

- Taking measurements on construction sites with the tachymeter


In the second phase, we create a 3D model with Cadwork according to the specifications of the company. This usually includes:

- Correct materialization

- Statically necessary fasteners

- Components and installations that will be built into the elements in the factory

- Specifications for all processing of the wooden elements

- Spatial coordination of recesses and openings

- Preparation of truss plans, steel construction plans

- Cooperation and coordination with HLKSE plans

Works planning

In the final sub-stage, we create the factory and element plans in 2D or 3D with all the necessary dimensions for production and assembly, as well as details of the required fasteners. This includes:

- Element construction plans

- Production plans steel construction

- Claddings that will be preassembled 

- Single piece drawings for production

- Assembly plans

- Transport plans



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