Wood from the Jurassic forest for the new ice rink in Pruntrut



A new ice rink is soon being built in Pruntrut in the Canton of Jura. Timbatec is responsible for all timber engineering services and the wood flow through the value chain. The renovation and expansion work is expected to start at the beginning of May. Image: Dolci Architects, Yverdon

I In Pruntrut, the existing ice rink will be completely renovated to meet today's requirements. The new Raiffeisen Arena with 4'650 seats becomes the home arena of the ice hockey club HC Ajoie. Furthermore, the ice rinks will be used by the Curling Club, the figure skaters as well as the general public. 

During the renovation work, a great amount of wood will be used. 2'000 m3 of coniferous wood and 1'000 m3 of hardwood is needed for the project. The wood is provided by the community union "Synidicat intercommunal District de Porrentruy (SIDP)". In the tender, the wood processing companies have to work with the provided timber. In this way it can be ensured that the wood from the region will be used. The timber is already being prepared in the sawmills.  

Timbatec has developed a solid wood ceiling especially for the Raiffaisen arena. The timber frame construction is made of bottom and top chord in ash wood. The spectator stands will also be a timber construction. The project is therefore very interesting from a wood technology point of view.   

The arena was developed by the architectural consortium Dolci Architects in Yverdon and Stähelin Partner in Delémont. The work will start at the beginning of May, unless objections are raised by the end of March. All work should be completed by October 2021. To avoid disputes, project stakeholders are currently meeting with residents and associations.

The wood for the rink is ready.

The wood for the rink is ready.  



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